Case Study #39: Dr. Amber Leer

ClearPath Society® Silver Member, Dr. Amber Leer of Toledo, OH, was introduced to Jerry Jones Direct (JJD) as a referral from practice management consultant, Dr. Tom Orent. Dr. Leer’s primary goal was to generate new patients for her practice. She had just bought a practice and unfortunately, doctors who sell a practice end up coasting […]

Self-Funding Marketing and The Speed of Money

The following article is excerpted from the December 2015 issue of Jerry Jones Direct’s Practice Profit Insider™. I’m grumpy today. Why? It’s tough to fix stupid. Some people just do not think clearly or much at all. (But, they’re good at games on their cell phones, so that’s as good, right?) On a call today […]

Tired of website provider BS? Want more new pts from the internet?

If you’re not getting all the new patients from the interwebs you’ve been promised by the online geeks, then it’s time to hold ’em accountable. You have two choices: 1.) Call ’em up and put ’em on notice: “Buster, you’ve got 10 days to get my phone ringing. If I don’t see an increase in […]

Do Domain Names Still Matter?

By Guest Author, and JJD Certified Partner, Matt Prados of There are many reasons to pick your domain – the URL name which points to your practice’s website. And in fact you should probably own a few domains. You should of course own But sometimes is a terrible domain name for SEO […]

Are You Making These Mistakes With New Patient Offers?

Never Make This New Patient Offer….Use THIS Instead! Helene Sanders, the COO at Wellness Springs Dental of Salem (WSD), our dental office franchise “flagship,” is fond of saying, “Never say ‘never’ and ‘always,’” so perhaps I’m coming on a bit strong in this case. But, I’m using a little poetic license here to get my […]

Need New Patients? Check out these 7 Advanced Strategies

If you need new patients but you’re not quite sure what approach to take, I have no doubt my brand-new program will blow up your new patients numbers — whether you need 5 or 50 more new patients than you have right now. I’m so confident in fact (I test these all myself in my […]

Eau Claire, WI Dentist Comments About Jerry Jones Direct

I’ve worked with Jerry Jones for, I’m guessing no less than the past 10 years, perhaps more. For me, I was a young guy coming out of dental school, partnered with a senior dentist with 0 patients, working after my first 6 months on commission. I was making significantly less money than the guy who […]

How To Easily Increase Ad Response Rates in November and December

Anytime you can apply emotional levers to increase response rates to your marketing, do it. In Dentistry, we’re fortunate to be able to apply a little pressure and use two massive emotional levers in our marketing towards year-end. Right now, for my own office, we have a killer direct mail piece deployed that is generating […]


More basics…What is a Newsletter? According to, a Newsletter is, “A bulletin issued periodically to the members of a society, business, or organization.” I’d plus the definition by adding something the writer of this definition probably didn’t consider: A newsletter is a physically delivered media that not only provides information, but SHOULD deliver a […]

Dr. Vip Patel speaks about Jerry Jones & ClearPath Society for Dentists…

Curious about ClearPath Society? Here are some comments from one of our active Members, Dr. Vip Patel, Warwick, NY…