Dr. Vip Patel speaks about Jerry Jones & ClearPath Society for Dentists…

Curious about ClearPath Society? Here are some comments from one of our active Members, Dr. Vip Patel, Warwick, NY…

Audio Interview: Dr. Sean Tarpenning on the Implant Blueprint Seminar

Early this morning, I recorded a call with my friend and Gold ClearPath Society Member, Dr. Sean Tarpenning. Sean’s in Eau Claire, WI. On this audio, you’ll hear Sean’s candid, unrehearsed answers about the incredible, life-changing results he’s had with Dr. Scott Westermeier’s Implant Blueprint Seminar. I’d share them with you here in print, but […]

Why are you OUT of the Yellow Pages?

I know your practice is “different” than my dental office – I get it. But, if you’re one of the (tens of?) thousands of dentists who’ve swilled the “yellow pages are dead” Kool-Aid, I gotta tell you, you’re making a HUGE mistake. (But, that’s OK. Just less competition for my future Wellness Springs Dental® office […]

Be Wary of the Bean Counters…

There’s always been a riff between the bean counters and the marketers in business. Marketing and sales bring in the money and the bean counters count it. Without money coming in (sales), there’re no beans to count. Without accurate information from the bean counters, there’s no information on whether the business is profitable or not, […]

Easy Way to Bump Production in February

The following article appeared in my printed publication, the Direct Mail Profit Insider. This is an advanced publication concerning the smart deployment and use of Direct Mail to grow your business – whether you’re a Dentist, Financial Advisor, Chiropractor, Baker, CPA, whatever… Subscription information is available here. If you are in the enviable position of […]

A Dental Office That Runs Itself

(Don’t Sell The Goose!) Imagine if you had a dental practice that ran itself. Your total involvement was just 2 to 3 hours per week. And, during that 2 to 3 hours, you’re not cutting crowns or seeing patients. What’s more, when you go on vacation for 2 or 3 weeks at a time, you […]

Emailing your patients

At SofTouch Dental, every day, a large number of emails go out. Some to confirm appointments. Some to welcome new patients. Some to ask for feedback about appointments. Some to wish patients Happy Birthday. And, I am sure there are other reasons, but those are a few. Last night, as I was trying to fall […]

She’s “unknowingly” repelling your new patients…

A long, long, long-time client of mine and I had an email exchange the other evening. I had just finished listening to a few of the calls one of his offices (he has multiple locations and multiple doctors working with and for him and he’s part of my ClearPath Society GOLD level) had taken and […]

Easy way to increase staff wages and NOT take it in the shorts…

Just like every dental office owner, I’m faced with occasional adjustments that must be made to payroll. Sometimes it’s from growth. When you grow, you have to add new staff/team members, right? Of course, I make darn sure everyone has reached a reasonable capacity in their work loads before we add a person. Just a […]

Bigger is Better. Here’s why.

Is a bigger dental practice better than a small practice? Before I get too far into this, let me define what I mean by “Big vs. Small” for the purposes of this article. Small is a solo office. Big is a multi-doctor office, maybe with multiple locations. Big has so many more advantages over Small, […]