Referred to us from our friends @ Ideal Practices, Dr. Alexis Mierzwa is located in a growing Virginia community. She opened her brand new practice in late September 2015.

To make sure she opened with a bang, we started Alexis off with a Membership in ClearPath Society and used several months of pre-planning to ensure her opening day and the months that followed would align with her goals and how fast she wanted to achieve them.

We’re now just six months in and she’s seeing all the new patients she can handle. In fact, we’re talking to her now about patient retention (you want to keep all those you worked hard and invested $ to call your office, right?!) and continuing to refine the strategies we have in place.

Dr Alexis Mierzwa DDSAlexis (to the left) has been an amazing Member — she’s energetic, does what needs to be done and has a personality that patients find open and magnetic. She understands that dentistry is a business and that if you can’t, won’t or don’t win on the business side, you can’t be a successful clinician!

We have no doubt her practice will be incredibly successful!

Here’re a few snapshots of her call log results. Our most successful marketing piece for her office so far has been a universally successful piece we developed here at JJD several years ago and is strictly proprietary, reserved for Member-use only. It’s large — the largest postcard you’ll see mailed by anyone. And, its designed to be intentionally disruptive and different than anything the the recipient has ever seen.

Mierzwa Graph1

Above, you can see the steady growth in phone calls coming into her office since we started back in September. The calls you see represented here on this chart are from the direct mail piece we’ve been mailing for her.


Mierzwa Graph2

There are a myriad of lessons on these two charts. You can see the direct mail piece has generated 254 calls. On the left chart, with the red circles, you see the crazy times patients will call your office: Before 8am, and heavy call volume during lunch hours and then later into the evening…in fact, late into the evening! (So many practices have their phones go to voicemail and do not have a live person answering — HUGE mistake, especially when you are trying to build a business!)

This is a great example of what having a team supporting your vision and goals behind you can mean to your success in practice!

Here are a few slides I shared at a recent presentation I gave for Ideal Practices (check out their upcoming event in Vegas – I’ll be there presenting: that showcase these great results Alexis has experienced.


Alexis Case Study Graphic

Alexis Case Study Graphic2 Alexis Case Study Graphic3When you’re ready, just reach out. I can’t promise (nor should anyone) that we can get these same results for you (they might be better, or not as strong) as there are a lot of variables to understand and work through. But, I am confident we can help. Very confident. To learn more about how we can help you in your specific situation, reach out. Call my office: 503-339-6000. Ask for a Member Ambassador and ask them to send you a no-obligation information package! Or, visit to get started!