Dr. Terry Preece – Case Study

Being a business owner is tough. Being a successful practice owner is even tougher. Many of our case studies are about Members who’re relatively new to the ClearPath Society®. However, we have many Members that have been with us for years. Dr. Terry Preece has been a Member now for over 4 years. Dr. Preece joined in October 2013 and has been an active Member ever since!

As most successful business owners know, growth is the key to a successful business. Over the last several years, Dr. Preece has utilized several of our marketing assets; his most recent one was a giant Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) postcard he sent out over the summer to improve what are typically slow months.

If you don’t know about the USPS EDDM program, you should. It’s very likely you get them every day in your mailbox. EDDMs are not part of a newspaper full of coupons, they are a stand-alone piece of direct mail with your marketing message printed on a sheet of postcard stock as large as 12”x12”. Here at JJD, we’ve cracked the code on successful EDDM postcards and mail tens of thousands of postcards each and every week for our Members all over the US.

After picking just a couple of areas where Dr. Preece wanted to attract new patients from, the fun began. For an investment of a little over $3000 he was able to reach around 7,000 homes. Imagine…reaching 7,000 homes for LESS than the cost of first class postage!
To-date, Dr. Preece has attracted 12 high-quality new patients (remember people hold on to physical ads for a long time vs. digital ads, which just disappear into the ether). From those 12 patients Dr. Preece has collected almost $11,000.
That’s nearly a 400% return. In fact, we predict Dr. Preece will easily surpass 400% return in the next few weeks. Not to mention, these patients pay, stay and also refer others.

Dr. Preece helped change 12 people’s lives; those 12 people will tell their friends and family and of course the ad is still hanging on the refrigerator of many more prospective new patients. Remember, this was just from one mailing!
We are both honored and proud of Dr. Preece. We are honored that he has continued to leverage Membership in ClearPath Society® over the past 4 years and proud of him for taking action and achieving an excellent ROI!

Stay tuned for JJD’s next Case Study!