Dr. Bob Ueber of Ft. Wayne, Indiana, has been a ClearPath Society member since 2014 and was introduced to Jerry at a speaking engagement in Dallas, TX. This office is a prime example of how Jerry Jones Direct can change a practice in a very short period of time.

In February, Dr. Bob engaged Jerry Jones Direct to help stimulate growth for a practice he’d recently purchased in a feeder community to Ft. Wayne. After a remodel and overhauling some of the systems and team members, he was set for an increase in new patient flow.

The graphic below shows the data for calls since January. Our ROI metrics team tracks and reports all call data to Dr. Bob and his team at his Turtle Town practice.  This is but one example of the type of report available to our Members.  Since his first mailing dropped in early March 2018, over 80 callers have been converted to patients and over 120 calls have been generated from 5 mailings of roughly 2,700 pieces each mailing. That equates to an average of $320,000 in income to the practice over the life of these patients. (80 patients x $4000 average lifetime value for the average GP.)


As you can imagine, Dr. Bob is thrilled with his results!  The data speaks for itself.  Investing in the future has given this office immediate results.  We can’t wait to share what the numbers look like for Dr. Bob this time next year!