ClearPath Society® Gold Member, Dr. Kelly Brown

Dr. Kelly Brown co-owns and operates a number of practices all branded under Custom Dental, with several doctor partners with multiple locations throughout Oklahoma, Missouri and Texas. Kelly was introduced to Jerry and Jerry Jones Direct through a mutual business coach. Shortly thereafter, Kelly began to study what we do here at JJD that is unique and vastly different to achieve optimum ROI results. It wasn’t long before Kelly decided to leave the sidelines and jump into the game here at JJD.

What’s different about Kelly than most practice owners is Kelly measures everything! He holds his and his teams’ actions accountable for results. He even measures the number of calls each office receives, how many are converted to appointments, production from those appointments, return on investment for each marketing event, how calls are being handled, doctor production per hour and much more. In short, Kelly makes decisions for his practices based on data. So, when he approached JJD to help him increase patient flow to his multi-office practices, within one very short month, he was able to see the benefit of our expertise first-hand.

After nearly a year of working with JJD, we’ve tested a number of different marketing campaigns, pieces, offers and more. To-date, we’ve mailed no less than 23 direct mail pieces with staggering results.  This past month we dropped postcards in the 3 different communities where Custom Dental has a practice. From these small campaigns of fewer than 2,000 pieces each, Dr. Brown’s practices have already seen 12 new patients and production numbers topping $13,000. And, the campaign is just starting to heat up.

Based on LVP, or the average lifetime value of a patient across all practices in the US, Dr. Brown’s offices are on target to generate $48,000 in total revenue ($4,000 average LVP x 12 patients) from these dozen new patients.

Being a member of JJD’s ClearPath Society® gives Dr. Brown the highest level of access to our elite marketing team – he literally has a team dedicated to his practices here at JJD that focus on delivering trackable results every time he invests in a new marketing event. Dr. Brown and his team are guided through the marketing process by a dedicated Member Ambassador, our Production and Design team, and even a metrics team to discern ROI, along with our Founder, Jerry Jones.  Together this team analyzes the best way to accomplish the goals of the practice.  Strategies, tools and techniques for both short and long-term goals are addressed, and we execute that plan, together. Over time the plan is tested and modified to meet the changing needs as the practice grows.

Investing in our process at JJD has given Dr. Brown and his staff the tools they need to increase patient flow and place Custom Dental at the top of the production game!