We’ve done a number of case studies sharing how our ClearPath Society® Members leverage their Membership benefits to increase their new patient and existing patient marketing ROI (return on investment). We are proud to be affiliated with them all. Not only is the following case study a prime example of great results from one of our marketing systems, it’s also an amazing story of patient relationship building.

We met Dr. Bare through our long-time friend and dental consultant, Dr. Tom Orent. Dr. Bare chose to run one of our successful Retro New Patient Exam Free Standing Inserts (FSI) in his local newspaper. Many believe that since the majority of newspapers are on life support and nearly dead they should put the proverbial fork in them. Though it’s important to be aware of and using as many different media available in your area to promote your practice, it’s also a well known “success tip” not to put all your eggs in one basket – especially one that is evolving as quickly and unpredictably as digital/online marketing.

As Dr. Bare tells it, he left late in the week for a conference and returned with an ecstatic staff: 19 prospective new patient phone calls, all while he was gone! Of the 19, Dr. Bare’s team appointed 12 as New Patient! Of those 12 appointments, 11 patients showed AND have already undergone substantial follow-up treatments to include implants and dentures! We’re proud to credit Dr. Bare and his team for their phenomenal new patient and relationship follow-through!

With the ever-increasing amount of competition for new patients, the costs to acquire them are also increasing. Utilizing proven attraction and retention strategies, practices are not only surviving, they are thriving in a space where commoditization creep is affecting even the savviest solo and even small group practice owners.

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