One-month old start-up practice owner, ClearPath Society® Member and proficient call tracking aficionado, Dr. Daniel Binkowski, has been with the ClearPath Society® since February 2017. Daniel was referred to us by Ideal Practices Founder, Mr. Jayme Amos. As adept as Dr. Binkowski is at using our Ad Systems to further his dental business he is also smart in utilizing our 15-year old, trademarked, Dental Health Care Club™ or DHCC. DHCC is a System created by ClearPath Society® Founder and dental office owner, Jerry Jones, to help his Guests (patients) at his Wellness Springs Dental® put their dental work into an in-house payment and savings program.

Daniel has done a fantastic job of making his dental practice “Real and Reachable.” Dr. Binkowski’s main goal for joining the ClearPath Society® was to blow the doors off his new, rural-Iowa start-up practice with huge numbers of new patients before he even opened; you will see in the graph below that he was succeeded! And, they keep coming in! He received 35 phone calls in the first 30 days; of those 35 phone calls nearly two-dozen made appointments and he’s been very pleased with the resulting production as well!

It is widely held that in a general practice Dentists pay upwards of $250 per each new patient across all media, including direct mail, newspaper, digital, etc. Daniel paid less than half of that at about $112. And again, he is still getting phone calls from his initial new patient blitz from an extremely conservative investment!

As a member of JJD’s ClearPath Society®, Daniel has continuous access to both a dedicated and experienced Graphic Designer and Member Ambassador along with JJD Founder, Mr. Jerry Jones, all of who guide doctors through successful deployment of ad strategies, tools and techniques. What’s more, phone success training is also a factor of Dr. Binkowski’s success with JJD.

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Take a look at how steady the calls were for an entire month!