Dr. Craig Dowiatt was introduced to Jerry Jones Direct (JJD) as a referral from practice management consultant, Dr. Tom Orent. Dr. Dowiatt’s primary goal was to generate new patients for his practice.

It’s widely held that a good new patient number for solo general dentists to strive for on a monthly basis is somewhere between 25 and 50, a wide range, and mostly dependent on the age, style and type of practice. It is also held that a new patient cost for a solo GP is about $250 per new patient (over all forms of advertising, to include online, social media, direct mail, and more).

Dr. Dowiatt leveraged his local newspaper in Cincinnati, the Enquirer, to learn if his ideal new patients were in fact readers of that publication.

[Most view newspapers like yellow pages – they are a dying media – but don’t let that prevent you from testing and taking advantage of it! All media should be tested and all advertising should be considered a test!]

We ran the first ad right after Thanksgiving 2016 and the second the first week of December. During that time, which conventional wisdom says is a TERRIBLE time to market your practice (we find that we do very well during this time), Dr. Dowiatt received 28 calls, and I believe he booked over 16 new patients. Dr. Dowiatt’s all-in expense was around $1000, putting the doctor’s cost per new patient at roughly $62.50…an astounding number compared to what most are paying on average — $250 per new patient!

To learn more about JJD’s ClearPath Society, and the marketing program used by Dr. Dowiatt, reach out. We’re available via phone or email! 503-339-6000 or info @ jerryjonesdirect.com

In addition, consider attending a future Jerry Jones Direct New Patient Extravaganza Event. Info @ http://busydentist.com