ClearPath Society® Silver Member, Dr. Matt Kooyman of Meridian ID was introduced to Jerry Jones Direct as a referral from practice management consultant, Dr. Tom Orent. Dr. Kooyman’s primary goal was to improve his new patient numbers and gain a better working knowledge of the business of dentistry. Dr. Kooyman sought to improve his hygiene schedule, too, as more often than not, a schedule not optimized is a burden on the practice.

After consulting with his Member Ambassador and his Designer, Dr. Kooyman settled on testing one of our most successful attractions strategies. Part of a Jerry Jones Direct attraction strategy includes tracking phone numbers so that our clients are able to see which ad works, how their teams are handling new patients and to provide feedback and training. Part of the JJD phone tracking system includes training team members on proper phone etiquette. Our attraction strategies also include developing team member incentives, which provide employees a deeper “reason” to want a successful practice.

In the first week of his initial ad drop, Dr. Kooyman and his team were able to turn three-dozen calls into 16 new patient appointments and 1 existing patient appointment. In less than seven days Dr. Kooyman and his team were able to generate 17 patients.

It’s widely held that in general practice, Dentists can expect to invest about $250 per new patient across all media – to include direct mail, newspapers, and digital media, as example. However, using one of our most successful approaches to generate new patients, Dr. Kooyman’s cost per new patient on the first drop was $30 and $16 on the second drop, a remarkable amount under the average most GPs are paying in today’s climate for new patients.

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