ClearPath Society® Silver Member, Dr. Amber Leer of Toledo, OH, was introduced to Jerry Jones Direct (JJD) as a referral from practice management consultant, Dr. Tom Orent. Dr. Leer’s primary goal was to generate new patients for her practice. She had just bought a practice and unfortunately, doctors who sell a practice end up coasting into retirement – their marketing for New Patients is also retired. Dr. Leer was in need of across-the-board marketing improvement. Fortunately, Dr. Leer attended our first New Patient Extravaganza (NPE). Since attending the NPE, Dr. Leer has breathed new life into a once stagnate practice!

It’s widely held that in general practice, Dentists can expect to invest about $250 per new patient across all media – to include direct mail, newspapers, and digital media, as examples. However, using one of our most successful approaches to generate new patients, Dr. Leer’s cost per new patient have been $61.29 and $81.72 in two different ad drops, a remarkable amount under the average most GPs are paying in today’s climate for new patients.

Dr. Leer had an ad drop on October 12th and invested $1188; she received 37 calls and 23 New Patients. She ran another ad on October 26th – she did 2 test runs of this ad (test runs are crucial) so she could hit several different locations, one on 10/26 and one on 10/31. Dr. Leer invested $1471 per drop. She received 32 phone calls from the first and a total of 24 New Patients; she received 24 calls and a total of 18 New Patients on the second drop.

To top everything off, on her latest ad release from only a few days ago, she has received 13 calls, which have turned into 11 new patients! Needless to say we are very excited and honored that Dr. Leer has entrusted JJD to get her the New Patients her growth plans required!

As a Member of JJD’s ClearPath Society®, Dr. Leer has continuous access to both a dedicated, experienced Designer and a Member Ambassador, along with our Founder, Jerry Jones, all of whom are responsible for guiding doctors through the successful deployment of Membership strategies, tools, and techniques.

What’s more, phone success training, which is included with Membership, has also been an important part of Dr. Leer’s success with JJD!

To learn more about JJD’s ClearPath Society, and the marketing program used by Dr. Leer, reach out. We’re available via phone or email! 503-339-6000 or info @

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