Enjoy our latest Member Case Study, featuring Dr. Howard Matt!

ClearPath Society® Silver Member, Dr. Howard Matt of Syosset, NY, was introduced to Jerry Jones Direct (JJD) as a referral from practice management consultant, Dr. Tom Orent.

Dr. Matt’s primary goal was to generate new patients for his mature practice. After consulting with his Member Ambassador, Dr. Matt settled on testing one of our most successful patient attraction strategies. Over a period of about 60 days, Dr. Matt asked JJD to create and drop two ads. His total investment for both ads over that 60-day period was $2,320.

It’s widely held that in general practice, Dentists can expect to invest about $250 per new patient across all media – to include direct mail, newspapers, and digital media, as example. However, using one of our most successful approaches to generate new patients, Dr. Matt’s cost per new patient on the first drop was $61.05 and $58.00 on the second drop, a remarkable amount under the average most GPs are paying in today’s climate for new patients.

Dr. Matt’s first ad dropped 10/18 and his second dropped 11/29 – and, as of this writing, he is still getting calls!

As a Member of JJD’s ClearPath Society®, Dr. Matt has continuous access to both a dedicated, experienced Designer and a Member Ambassador, along with our Founder, Jerry Jones, all of whom are responsible for guiding Dr. Matt through the successful deployment of Membership strategies, tools, and techniques, to include his initial success, that will grow his practice both in the short and long-term.

To-date Dr. Matt has accepted 20 new patient appointments from his first ad and 19 from second.

What’s more, phone success training, which is included with Membership, has also been an important part of Dr. Matt’s success with JJD!

To learn more about JJD’s ClearPath Society, and the marketing program used by Dr. Matt, reach out. We’re available via phone or email! 503-339-6000 or info @ jerryjonesdirect.com

In addition, consider attending a future Jerry Jones Direct New Patient Extravaganza Event. Info @ http://busydentist.com