Dentures in my office go for about $3500/set. My good friend and ClearPath Society® Member, Dr. Joe Barker in Searcy, AR, can complete a set of dentures in his office in about 42 minutes of doctor time.

Imagine that…just 42 minutes for a complete set of dentures. Upper and Lower.

FORTY-TWO MINUTES of doctor time.

Doing fast math with my Canon LS-100TS gonkulator, he’s busting out an astounding


He’s not eligible for government cheese or any other kind of handout…But, he SHOULD be eligible and nominated for the Dentist Production Hall of Fame!

You might think hitting those production numbers in an hour would be near impossible. After all, in a 6-hour day, seeing nothing but denture patients, Joe cranks out a mind-boggling $25,716.

What’s more, when you hear Joe’s net profit per set of dentures, you might just faint.

I’ve seen Joe’s numbers and know he’s the real deal…and, if you’re like me and can’t stand to sit around and wonder what he’s doing but, want to know EXACTLY what he’s doing and how to copy it, now you can!

What would doubling or tripling your own hourly production from dentures do for your net income? Would it make life easier? Would you be able to pay off a few bills, stash away a little extra for emergencies, maybe take your spouse on that vacation you both have long deserved?

Well, now you can find out what it’d mean to you!

Dr. Joe has produced an entire DVD training system revealing his closely-guarded secrets that can enable ANY DENTIST anywhere in the world to complete a set of dentures in just 42 minutes of doctor time, with an unbelievable rate of predictability, patient acceptance and PROFIT!

If you’re doing dentures or want to do more, faster, more efficiently, more profitably, with near absolute certain patient acceptance, and can’t wait to get trained by Joe, right this minute, then when you head over to his site,, pick up his grossly underpriced DVD training system as soon as possible.

It’s dirt cheap. And, with your very first case, you’ll cover your entire investment AND have profit left over to invest in new equipment to boot!

What’s more, Joe backs up his DVD training system with a 365-Day, no hassles, no questions asked, money back guarantee. Plus, he’ll even cover Priority Mail shipping, too!

Oh, and get this: Dr. Joe will also provide you 30 minutes of coaching on his techniques to really crystallize the process for you and make sure you’re up, ready and running as fast as possible, when you purchase his DVD training system.

There’s no time like right now to increase your own hourly production!

Don’t worry: If you can’t stand doing dentures, after taking Joe’s course on DVD and following along in his manual, you’ll be ready to tackle ‘em and who knows, it just might re-kindle your love of dentures!

Go to now. Claim your DVD training system now.

Get Dr. Joe’s secrets working for you. Watch your net profit skyrocket and your chair time drop like a lead balloon.

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Jerry “Dentures Rock!” Jones

PS. If you’re not quite ready to invest in Dr. Joe’s Rapid Denture DVD Training System, go to his website now, anyway.

You see, he’s giving away a free audio and transcript of an interview he and I did together. It’s loaded with gems you’ll absolutely love and profit from…after investing just an hour to listen in.

Hustle! Don’t wait! I have no idea how long Joe will leave this free audio up on his site!

PS. #2 To re-cap: When you invest in Dr. Joe’s Rapid Denture DVD Training, you’ll get a 365-Day Money Back Guarantee, FREE Shipping and, 30-minutes of consulting with Dr. Joe!