One of the BIG problems INvading society today, and it’s worse with the younger generation (under 60!), is not looking in the mirror when we fail.

The first place to lay blame is elsewhere. Never at the face in the mirror.

It’s this liberal mindset that is causing government to grow larger and larger to create and maintain more “programs” for people who can’t fend for themselves. We’ve become a nation READY to give hand-outs to whomever whines the loudest.

And, we’ve become a nation of people unafraid to stand up and say, “Sorry, Bub, that’s YOUR problem, YOU deal with it.”

Example (not that you might need one): Student invests in an education. WHATEVER kind of education it might be. Now a graduate, the poor soul can’t land a job. Graduate blames (and then sues) school for “ill-preparing” them to find a job.

Another: Student graduates. Takes advanced tests for certification. Student doesn’t pass. Student blames school for him/her being ill-prepared.

The job of the school is to educate the student.

A student’s pass/fail rate or job/jobless problem is not that of the school. It’s that of the graduate.

Personal responsibility, as I have written about numerous occasions, means as individuals, we take 100% responsibility for our short-comings.

It seems these folks have no clue how ridiculous it sounds to accuse someone of your own failures rather than taking responsibility for them and FIXING them.

Stop the damn whining.

It’s the sign I have in my office, “There will be a $5.00 charge for Whining.” I think I need to increase that to $500.00. But then, I am sure someone would accuse me of charging too much.

Before you bitch, whine, moan or complain, ask yourself if it’s YOUR fault, first.

The era of, “It’s not my fault,” has got to end NOW. Otherwise, we’ll become a nation of lazy jerks walking around with our hands out, ready to then bite the hand that feeds us.