Many Members we bring on board ClearPath Society here at JJD, are just looking for a steady number of new patient calls. Whether it’s one per day or 50 per day. That routine number of new patients brings about the ability to plan, staff and predictably grow your practice to the size and shape you want.

Most solo practices indicate they are looking for an average of 30 new patients per month. Some more, some less, all dependent upon their current objectives and goals.

Our Members span from new start-up practices to large multi-location, multi-owner enterprises in multiple states and have for well over 20 years.

Each scenario and set of goals calls for a unique approach. What works for a start-up might well choke out a mature practice. As example, in Dr. Roper’s new start-up practice, we recently generated over 100 phone calls from one small mailing (under 3,700 pcs) in a small community. The conditions on the ground were ripe: no competition to speak of and no dentist for years, and she did a great job on pre-opening and quickly solidified her place in the community — incidentally, all the right things many are unwilling to do when opening a new office. The community was HUNGRY! That kind of response would not fly in a mature practice that only had capacity for 30 new patients per month, right?!

Contrast that with my office in Salem, Oregon, where we have 1 dentist for every 700 or 800 people where a postcard mailing just like that might generate 15 to 20 calls, depending on the time of the month, the weather, and other obscure factors. Most towns are like mine and unlike Dr. Roper’s in Colorado.

Here is a great graph showing what consistent marketing can do for a practice’s phone calls. By the way — this is from a now 3-year old start-up, in a great area, where the doc has been on top of marketing and insistent he not miss a month, even if December! (By the way, we typically crush it in December when most shut down for the holidays!)


If you’d like to learn more about how we can improve your new patient flow, or, apply many of our select practice management and business growth systems, reach out! We’re here to help. Call: 503-339-6000, or, email us through the Contact page.