We first meet Lauren as a referral from Ideal Practices Founder, Mr. Jayme Amos. Dr. Roper has been a Member of ClearPath Society® since September of 2016. Dr. Roper used one of our most successful direct response mail campaigns to kick-start her brand-new, Colorado-based, historically-located dental practice start-up.

In the space of 1 week, Dr. Roper received 90 new calls from our direct mail campaign. And, the calls keep coming in; as of the date of this writing Lauren has received 111 calls from just her first mailing of fewer than 3,700 pieces (a record-setting event for Jerry Jones Direct, too!).

With big chain dentistry ever encroaching on solo practices and because they have an almost unlimited marketing budget, to attract new patients, we are very proud that Dr. Roper has had the huge success she has had.

As a Member of JJD’s ClearPath Society, Dr. Roper has continuous access to a dedicated and experienced Designer as well as a dedicated Member Ambassador. Not to mention weekly input from JJD Founder, Mr. Jerry Jones. This entire JJD team are responsible for guiding doctors through the successful deployment of Member strategies, tools and techniques, to include hitting even the craziest of goals set by our Member doctors.

Lauren understands that dentistry is a business and she knows that if you have trouble on the business side, your clinical side suffers. As Lauren gets set to open up a new practice we have no doubt it will be incredibly successful. We look forward to working with Lauren’s amazing team well into the future of this budding new record-setting start-up.

Below is a graph depicting Dr. Roper’s initial week’s calls.