I’ve been an avid reader since I could pick up a book. As a kid, I read every Louis L’Amour western book I could find, borrow from the library or buy. I still love a good western (and found a L’Amour-like author in Sedona, AZ of all places, who bases his stories on local legend). I spend more time now reading business and marketing books. Sales books. And, of course, any mystery novel steeped in politics or international intrigue. Living in DC for a few years does that to you…I realized most living in DC have one interest and one interest only: enriching themselves. I digress…politics is a hot topic and just asking someone a question about their political leanings can incite a small incident.

Books have been good to me. They’ve changed my perspective and opinions on certain things. They’ve saved my life (wilderness survival). They’ve helped me grow my business untold amounts. They’ve given me comfort and helped me find sleep on restless nights. Books are a good thing, dear reader!

There are two I’m reading right now I suggest you get your mitts on:

  • Charles Koch’s Good Profit
  • Peter H. Diamandis’ BOLD

And, today, I’m excited to announce the availability of my latest book release: PROFILES OF SUCCESS: Secrets of a Street Smart Dentist. It’s available in paperback or on Kindle at Amazon.com, now.Profiles of Success 3D cover down

Get the paperback here.

Get the Kindle edition, here.

And, while you’re on Amazon (the new book will soon be up on my website, JJDBooks.com), be sure to add my other 3 books to your cart if you don’t have ’em. Or, get all three below, here, from JJDBooks.com.

Enjoy…I hope these books give you a breakthrough or two that will greatly impact your life.