I’m trying out a couple of things today. First, mentioning a trending “topic” (former Gov. Rod Blagojevich) in my headline of the blog post to see what kind of outside my “sphere” or world, traffic it generates.

Second, I want to share an experience I had yesterday. It’s one I’ve had before, but n’er have I paid much attention to it. (You’ll see why that’s a grave mistake in a bit.)

Here goes:

For the last several days, I’ve been “manning” my office, solo, literally, while Melody, my trusted and solo employee at Jerry Jones Direct, has been on a vacation – a walk-about on trails here in the northwest. Truth be known, I’m jealous of the walk/hike she’s doing.

Anyway, so, I’ve been answering my phone here at world HQ of Jerry Jones Direct. Something I’ve not done for a while, and, frankly, it’s been enlightening.

Yesterday for instance, in the morning, I took two calls: One from a doc named, Samual (with an ‘a’), and another from a doc who’s first name is Peter.

Samual wanted to send back all his bonus materials from a free subscription (Got them back today. He didn’t even look at ’em – they were unopened. I imagine the prospect of actually having to “read” all of it was too daunting – but that’s another post for another time.) he initiated, which is fine. Happily gave him our address and wished him the best of luck.

Peter called and wanted to cancel his ClearPath Society membership. His confession via phone to me, “There’s just a big pile on my desk and it’s growing and I’ve got to stop it.”

OK, I confess, too, I have been there as well.

But, I handled the situation differently.

And, I encourage you (and Peter) to do the same.

First, READ the crap on your desk or throw it out. If you are PAYING for something to appear, that assumes there’s value. At LEAST browse it. What Peter didn’t know was that he had the rights to use an ad that was included in his “pile” that’s produced over 100 pts and over $100,000 in treatment at SofTouch Dental. And, I’d bet he could use the new patients. Oh well. He didn’t read/look, so it’s his loss. You never know what’s waiting for you in that pile of mail, do you?

I have piles all over my office. A pile of work that NEEDS my urgent attention, a pile that needs attention sometime soon and a pile that I might not ever get to.

OK, so…back to the original reason for this post, aside from these cool sidebars…

I took BOTH phone calls with a smile and encouraged both to have good days and sent them off with a cheerful, “Good luck to you!”

I didn’t let it get me down that I had lost a couple of potential long-term clients. (Peter is a long-term-er, but I have a feeling he’ll be back, and Samual with an ‘a’ is just not cut out for fast or continuous growth in a money-making, high-profit office, so that’s OK, too.)

Within an hour or two, I had not one, but TWO clients come in right behind them and sign up for services that far exceeded (by many times) the loss of the Samual with an ‘a’ and Peter.


Sure, I was bummed, but, nature abhors a vacuum and look what happened: A giant sucking sound, then, suddenly, H. Ross Perot, I mean, 2 new clients appeared!

So…here’s how all this relates to you:

If you have a pt that clearly NEEDS to have his/her tooth saved for a $300 filling and they say, “Nope, I’d rather not and just lose the tooth right now,” LET IT GO, thank them for even considering saving their tooth and their health and you as the doc to help them, and let ’em go. GLADLY escort them out of your office and smile and be genuine about their decision OPENING UP A VACUUM IN YOUR OFFICE so the next pt that appears literally says, “HELL YA!” to the $25,000 treatment plan.

Like W. Clement Stone so wisely said, “Sales are contingent upon the attitude of the salesman – not the attitude of the prospect.”

That means, it’s YOUR attitude that can make or blow the sale.

Open yourself up. Let it go. Breathe. Then, get ready for that HUGE series of treatment plans to say, “YES baby, Yes!”

P.S. You never know when someone who said, “No,” will be back to grace your walls and line your wallet, while at the same time, getting your expert clinical skills to save their teeth and their health. So, LET IT GO and welcome the chance to let someone else in.