I’m on a mission: to make sure YOU can kick any DSOs butt you want to.

(Not literally of course – since that’d be one giant butt if a DSO had one.)

I want you to WIN the game. No questions asked. No two ways about it.

The team here at JJD wants YOU to win.

I reeled you in with curiosity. What exactly do the big DSOs know that you may not, but MUST?

In their issue #6, 2018, Dental Group Practice (you should subscribe so you know what’s going on), the printed an article about marketing for new patients. Here’s what it said,

In the future, it will be imperative for DSOs to support their marketing decisions with actual data, says Ramsey. “By doing so, we will be able to communicate specific messages to specific audiences. Understanding our patients better will not only allow us to market to them better but to also deliver custom patient experiences that wow the patient and build loyalty. The approach will help us eliminate waste and be more intentional in the way we connect with patients.”  ~Jacque Ramsey, director of marketing, Mortensen Dental Partners

They know 2 things most solo practice dentists do not:

  1. It’s important to market to your EXISTING pts, and,
  2. It’s CRUCIAL to have data to back up your decisions in marketing.

With JJD’s Profit Insight®, you can be ahead of ANY DSO, now!

Dear friend, we saw this coming, years ago!

And, here at JJD, we spent the last almost 12 months building out a custom software, coaching, training and systems to BEAT the DSOs or any practice, to the finish line.

Without data to support your decisions in marketing, you’re dead in the water.

It’s like treating a cavity without an x-ray. Who would do that?!

Avoid marketing malpractice. Get ahead of the DSOs, now!

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PS. DSOs, by their nature, will tell you everything they are doing to grow – they telegraph their moves in advance. There next move (above) is as clear as day.

When it comes to commoditization, which I’ve been writing to you about for years, now, you can choose to be a victim, reactionary or leader. The first two don’t pay too well and they are usually first to blow out. Leadership on the other hand, has no finite income potential. So, why not lead the field? It’s your choice.