The “business of politics” isn’t unique. Every business has its own “spin zone.” And, just like any candidate’s campaign after a debate, they act quickly to “spin” what was said, how and why. Perspectives are added. Both sides claim they won. It’s so predictable, you could set your watch by it.

In the “business of dentistry,” it’s no different. Company X or Y is spinning negative or positive publicity to benefit its interests. Inside the company, employees spin a story or weave a web that suits their agenda. Most of the time, I believe it’s done out of self-preservation. Many times, I believe it’s also an unconscious process for most. After all, we’re trained from infants to have a story and weave it to our own benefit.

Lying of course, is never permitted in the story we present. Good thing is, just like our parents told us: every lie is exposed eventually.

Think of the first time you came home after curfew…Didn’t you have a story to tell? Few buck up and say, “It was my fault. I screwed up. I got distracted and I apologize. If it happens again, I deserve the punishment you dole out.” What kid in their right mind says that? 

Yet, they should. And, so should adults. Take the heat. Take the responsibility. And, move on, with hopefully a lesson learned. One of many positive things I can say about my upbringing…when I was wrong, I was corrected. And, I learned quickly to self-correct when possible. Most don’t have that skill. Most can’t help themselves but to point to others for the blame and do as the political pundits say, and quickly “pivot” any negative attention away from them.

You’ll know you’ve got the right people around when they tell you about their screw-ups and promptly fix it before you even know about it. The best problems you never have are those handled by someone who may well be primarily responsible but also realizes it’s their responsibility to fix it.

Business and relationships require honest assessments of yourself and those around you. Be wary of answers too easily formatted, packaged and presented to you as an “obvious” answer. Beware the “spin zone” and seek the truth.