JJD Patient Gettin’ & Keepin’ Webinar

I just held this webinar last night, 5pm pacific. You can catch it in its entirety here. And, if you have questions, reach out! Just call: 503-339-6000 Or, email us: info @  jerryjonesdirect.com

What’s missing from most practice management “programs”

Systems are great. New patients — like more than you can handle — wow, a blessing. Great team members — thank goodness for them (we got nothin’ w/o ’em!) But, none of these things mean a hill o’ beans without one word: PURPOSE I gotta ask you: what is your purpose? And, if you are […]

Are We Breeding A Nation Of Sissies?

WARNING: Not for sensitive readers I don’t watch a ton of TV, but the other night, when I heard a local Portland news channel announce an upcoming segment during a commercial, I literally choked on my drink. In fact, I had to rewind it to make sure I heard it right. The headline? “Treating Anxiety […]

The Future of PAYING for Medical and Dental Care?

How Medicine Worked For Me, Today… How Dentistry Can Work For YOU, Tomorrow Easter Sunday, my eldest daughter woke up with a symptom she’d not had before. Monday, morning came and the symptoms had worsened. I sent a text at 6:47am to our family physician, Dr. Matt Bain, asking if he could work her in […]

Attracting New Patients Doesn’t Have To Be … Tough

Too many dentists struggle to attract and retain patients. In my office, Wellness Springs Dental® of Salem, it’s the simplest thing in the world – we’ve the ability to attract new patients (we call them Guests, however) at-will. What does that mean exactly? It simply means that whenever, no matter the time of year (even […]

In-Office Dog and Pony Shows…Not just for your office anymore!

What’s with all these dentists running around and doing dog and pony shows, masked as “implant” seminars?? Simple: it’s very, very profitable and frankly, nothing new! Financial advisors and other client-based professionals (like me) have been conducting group selling presentations for years! Decades! In fact, if you dig deep, you can find the art of […]

How To Turn The Table On The TV and Radio Ad Reps

From Guest Blogger, Mr. X — He’s joining me at the next New Patient Extravaganza! Info here. You’re In The Business of Putting Butts in Ops, Not in the Business of Buying Advertising – How you can turn the table on the TV/Radio Ad Reps You may have seen this in a bad B-movie (or […]

After years and dozens and dozens of “runs,” it still produces new patients…

In the last couple years, for reasons connected to disclosures and franchise rules (not mine, but the fed’s), I’ve not shared much about the results I’m getting in my own office here in Salem. Our little, small group office continues to celebrate in our unique ability to generate new patients (we call them Guests). Here […]

After a Long Day Hunched Over Patients Drilling and Filling All You Want …

From Guest Blogger, Mr. X — He’s joining me at the next New Patient Extravaganza! Info here. After a Long Day Hunched Over Patients Drilling and Filling All You Want To Do Is Enjoy Your DVR Programs, But… It’s been a long day at the practice. You’ve spent the last 8+ hours hunched over patients. […]

A Dentist, Poop and Spaceships…

I know what you’re thinking… “Has Jerry lost it?” No way. Not even close! Chris in my office sent me this crazy article about a dentist and a couple friends who competed in a contest sponsored by NASA, to invent a space suit waste removal system… And, while the dentist didn’t come in first, her […]