A few weeks back, I posted an audio of an interview with one of my ClearPath Society Gold Members, Dr. Sean Tarpenning, where he revealed how his practice has changed after implementing Dr. Scott Westermeier’s Implant Blueprint System. You can access that recording here on my website in the previous post.

Just today, I recorded another call/interview with my friend Dr. Kelly Brown from Oklahoma. Kelly started with 1 practice and now has 11 with a 12th opening in just a short time in McKinney, TX.

On this call, Kelly dives into how Dr. Scott Westermeier’s Implant Blueprint System has changed his practices. You’ll really enjoy some of the insights Kelly provides (and, 2 must-read books I share) and, you’ll get yet another Dentist’s real opinion about how Scott’s system to generate more new implant patients has completely changed the dynamics in 3 of the offices Kelly has rolled it out in.

Just click on that triangle below to get started. No charge. Just great information to help you decide if Dr. Scott Westermeier’s Implant Blueprint System is for you.

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