Too many dentists struggle to attract and retain patients. In my office, Wellness Springs Dental® of Salem, it’s the simplest thing in the world – we’ve the ability to attract new patients (we call them Guests, however) at-will.

What does that mean exactly?

It simply means that whenever, no matter the time of year (even December!) we want or need new patients, we have a multitude of ways we immediately engage to generate more new patients than sometimes we can handle.

The best part is these are all predictable, reliable and economical. I could not ask for a better scenario.

It’s why my external marketing budget for the month of April 2017 is near-zero. Other than some patient retention expenses we ALWAYS run up for the month, I will have a little bit here and there for small things like sponsorships (more branding than patient attraction), or maybe an experimental NP project or two, but that’ll be it.

We’ve 3 doctors at my dental office and not a one of them has much room for a new Guest – maybe 1 or 2 per week and those come just from the remnants of the tidal wave of marketing we’ve done over the years and referrals. They are slam-packed booked solid. Period.

(Frankly, that’s a good problem to have, and it’s one we’re working on solving by increasing our capacity! I’ve got a doctor shadowing our office in a few weeks to find out if she might be a good fit for us and us for her.)

What’s more, I’m not the only one in this position. It’s not atypical for us to have a ClearPath Society® Member ask us to put a hold on their marketing while their team training and expansion catches up or while their physical plant gets an upgrade.

It just happened with one of our start-up practices in Virginia, now in its 19th month. Growing pains and lack of provider time has put a hold on marketing…they can’t see any more new patients.

So, like my own office, we simply scale back, wait for systems and people to get caught up, and then get back on the horse and ride it some more.

Blunt question: Are you in the same position?

If not, why? If not, are you interested in getting there?

Look…I’m not known for beating around the bush. So, I’m going to be frank here…

If you’re a solo dentist and you’re not at capacity, you’re RUINING the investment you have in your practice. It’s stale, near valueless to anyone other than you, and not worth anywhere NEAR what it could be.

If you’re a ML/MD practice, and you’re not at full capacity, seeking more providers to handle the load, why in the hell not?

If you’re not growing, you’re dying and unless you’re practicing dentistry as a hobby, you’d better have a very honest conversation with yourself and get your mind right.

If lack of new patients is keeping you from reaching your goals, there is no better place to be on May 19-20 than in Salem, Oregon, at my next JJD New Patient Extravaganza.

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There is no one in dentistry with my level of experience or investment in a “practice” that is my own, to include the TENS OF MILLIONS my company and I have invested in marketing dental practices all over the US.

Every week, we send tens of thousands (or more) of pieces of direct mail, place ads in newspapers all over the US, and conduct other new patient attraction strategies many so-called dental marketing companies, have never tried or heard of. No one puts their own money where their mouth is, either!

I test our strategies on my own office first – so I know what should work for you as opposed to just employing the ol’ “hope” strategy.

If you need new patients and you want to attend, you should also know: There are two individuals not mentioned that are appearing with me in Salem, to help you generate new patients…one is my Interwebs Geek, who has done an amazing job helping us generate new patients, and the other is my friend and mentor, an expert in radio and TV professional practice marketing.

They’ll be there as a favor to me, to share what is working now both online and on the two other most visible and trusted media we can use: radio and TV.

Join us, won’t you?

Doctor, I guarantee you’ll be thrilled, or I’ll refund your fee to attend. Period.

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See you here in Salem, Jerry