Are you a victim of a Google slap?

Have you ever been slapped? Right across the mouth…when you were least expecting it?

It totally sucks.

And, it kinda gets your blood boilin’ a bit, too, doesn’t it? Pisses you off a bit… eh?

I mean, who likes getting sucker-slapped?

I don’t.

I know you don’t either. And that’s what this email is all about:

Google and its infamous SLAP!

Fortunately, Google, while it’s the 800# gorilla in the interwebs world, can’t physically slap you, but they can “slap” your website and instantly damage your new patient flow…moving your website from the top 1, 2 or 3 listed on the first page on a search to so far back in the search that not even your MOM can find it.

That means if you’re used to getting 5 or 10 new patients every week from your website, like I am, it’s painful in another way when Google strikes: your wallet goes on a diet – it thins out.

And, if you’re slapped hard enough by that big Gorilla, it could be days, weeks, even MONTHS before you’re able to regain that hard-won, top-ranked organic position that nets you new patients like clockwork.

It’s infuriating, especially if you’ve paid good money to get there – which I am sure you have.

Black Hat vs. White Hat

When you think of black hats vs. white hats, like me, you might recall the old cartoon strip, Spy vs. Spy. It was, without question, one of my favorite, especially the cartoons on TV.

(It debuted in Mad magazine No. 61 in January 1961, and what you might not know is the background of the original cartoonist, Prohias, was actually a Cuban who fled to the US. The comic is based in part on Castro and Prohias’ relationship!)

In interwebs (website) marketing, there’s what’s called Black Hat and White Hat SEO strategies. Black hat strategies are those looked down upon by Google – the Black-Dressed Spy. White Hat Techniques are above-board and OK (for the time being), as Google so anoints them (Spy dressed in all white).

As you might imagine, Black Hat tactics to get your website pushed higher in organic rankings are ultimately not good and frowned upon by Google. White Hat strategies however, are welcome and rewarded by Google.

What you might NOT KNOW is that many website providers for Dentists inadvertently engage in Black Hat SEO strategies!

While they get you to the top in organic listings (which is good – your website is more visible to those who never leave the first page of a Google Search), Google eventually finds you, reviews what’s going on that got you there, and then they haul out that giant damn hand and SLAP your site…all the way back to 3rd, 4th, or even 5th page rankings…overnight.

It’s like an electronic fist-a-cuff. It completely sucks.

This happened to one of my Members recently.

He thought he was doing all the right things.

Turns out, it cost him his 1st page listing and put him back at #61 in organic rankings.

New patient flow dried up like rain in a thirsty desert. It simply vanished.

For him, it totally sucks.

Whether you know it or not, your site could be subject to the infamous Google Slap (should’ve been called “punch!”). Google the phrase “google slap,” and you’ll find out why this is so deadly to you.

The good news is, it doesn’t have to be that way.

And, in tomorrow’s post, I’ll share with you the solution to what might be killing off your new patient flow from the interwebs…



PS. No, I’m not an interwebs geek. I’m not even a faux interwebs expert. I don’t claim to be. What I am is learn-ed. Yes, learn-ed. I’m smart ‘nuf to know I don’t know squat about web stuff so I seek professional, proven-smart & effective help when I need it.

And, speaking interweb geek language isn’t something I want to do or really understand. I just want NEW PATIENTS from the ‘net!

Stay tuned…tomorrow, I’ll share with you, my secret strategy for avoiding the Google Slap AND getting a nice new patient flow every day of the week from our site…