Earlier this week, I got a call from a fella in Boise. Good news is, he’s my newest ClearPath Society Member.

Bad news was he wasn’t sure all the information I have been sending him was actually *REAL*.

See my problem?

If Eric thought I wasn’t real, then I’d gather MANY of the folks getting my emails, reading my blog, receiving my mail, think I might not be, either.

That’s NOT a potential customer problem, it’s a MARKETING problem. And, it’s my problem, not Eric’s, and it’s a BIG problem.

Fortunately for me, Eric called. He got me on the phone and we talked for about 20 minutes. He found out I was in fact, a real dude. Running real ads. Experimenting with my REAL dental office with different strategies, techniques, etc., and passing them along to my private clients, AND ClearPath Society Members.

And, once Eric was over the hump and had established trust with me and I with him, he was happy to hand over his payment information. (Welcome Aboard, Eric!) I was also happy to welcome a go-getter like him, on board. He’ll be a HUGE asset to membership. He’s got more knowledge about pre-positioning prospects and generating new patients than he gives himself credit for. But, I don’t want him to get too big of a head, just yet. 🙂

What’s the big lesson here?

If I have this problem with my clients, I am going to guess and likely be right, you have this very same problem with YOUR prospective patients.

What can you do to overcome and create trust without having a phone call or meeting someone in person?

Ah, that dear reader, is the subject of a future blog post. Important thing is to recognize you probably have this problem like all in business. Then, the solutions will present themselves. Likely, there will be actual WORK we’ll need to do to fix this…so stay tuned!