Can you believe missing a single call in your dental practice can actually cost you $350 or more?

That’s like having that grubby Uncle Sam reach right into your wallet and unnecessarily tax you $350 every time Suzie, Sally, Sara, Missy, Misty, Catherine, Kelly, Margaret, Chelsea, Shondra, Jessica, Angie, Lisa, Lucille, Meghan, Mary, etc., misses an important new patient call.

There are two Members of mine I recently shared this statistic with.

And, we showed them just what it meant to their bottom line.

One doc was missing an average of 7 new patient calls per week.

Another, 10 new patients missed each week.

These are real numbers.

…Pulled from reports put out by my whiz-bang marketing analytics software, Profit Insight®.

Real numbers, from real reports, with real money at stake…Not Monopoly® money.

And I have to wonder how many other docs are paying a “tax” – call it whatever you want – it’s a tax on not having your act together. Really. That’s what it is.

Here’s the good news:

It’s 100% preventable.

The problem is easily identified, and, better still, it’s easy to change.

But, back to the pain of the situation…

One is being “taxed” 7 x $350 = $2,450/week.

Another is being “taxed” 10 x $350 = $3,500/week.

How many dentists do you know who are paying this same unnecessary tax?

Could you be one?

Would it be it to you to know for certain?

Keep in mind, this is but one single factor Profit Insight® reveals for your unique practice.

These B.S. taxes amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars and more. In the lifetime of your practice, it will EASILY amount to the money that should go into your retirement fund.

Wouldn’t that be a better place for it? In your pocket?

If your practice was exceptional and you “only” lost 1 new patient a week (which I can guarantee with near 100% certainty you are), it still amounts to $546,000 over 30 years. (52 weeks, 1 pt/week, worth $350 in immediate revenue, times 30 years).

Interest on $546,000 at 6% annually = $32,760.

Do I need to go on?

Ready to investigate? Learn more? CHANGE your future? Get REAL with being IN BUSINESS vs. being the dentist/technician (two totally different mindsets, by the way)?

Head on over to – watch the short (2 min.) video and get yourself set up with a free Discovery Session with Kevin.

I know…time’s tight. You’re “busy” right now. But, if you put this off , when you’re not “as busy,” you’re just delaying your success.

Busy-ness is one thing. Building wealth and a practice that will support you whether you choose to practice or not, a totally different topic and one that deserves your immediate attention vs. “I’ll get to it some day…”