Maybe it’s weight loss. Maybe it’s an income increase. Maybe it’s “walking every day.” Or, perhaps, something as simple as not eating sugar.

You and I have goals we set for ourselves. Some we write down, some we verbalize to others. (Using both methods at the same time is best. Public pronouncement and writing them down is hard to beat. Then of course, measuring how you do each and every day. This is how goals are met. It’s not a secret. There’s nothing mysterious about it.)

One goal I know you’d really like to hit is to have more new patient referrals. Right?

My question: Are you doing what you should be to get them? Or, are you “hoping” and just not getting?

My guess: You’re doing only a small portion of what you should be to get more. In fact, if I were in your office today, would I even hear your staff (any of them) talk to a patient about referring?

Would I see a newer sign proclaiming you welcome new patient referrals? Would I hear YOU have a convo with any patient about referring? Would I see any pieces of mail being prepared or already mailed (samples) of anything you’ve crafted to generate more referrals?

Would I see a monthly newsletter sent via email and snail mail? (If you’re only doing one, you’re MISSING a huge opportunity – one of the single biggest for practice growth!)

Would I see a chart on the wall in the plush staff lounge where you are plotting out which team member has referred the most patients and the rewards available? (Display pics of the rewards!)

Would I overhear your office manager training staff on asking for referrals?

If the answer is NO to any of these questions, then you’re asking for something that will never happen to the degree you want due to one thing: INCONGRUENT BEHAVIORS and no tracking of the goal.

Fix them. You then should have 1 staff meeting every month on REFERRALS and your team’s plan to generate more all the time. Ongoing meetings over this one thing will DOUBLE your referrals every year! You could go 100% referral! But, unless you’re willing to do the bare minimum above, you’ll never get there.

Get busy on creating your own ALL REFERRAL PRACTICE!