Not for sensitive readers

I don’t watch a ton of TV, but the other night, when I heard a local Portland news channel announce an upcoming segment during a commercial, I literally choked on my drink.

In fact, I had to rewind it to make sure I heard it right.

The headline?

“Treating Anxiety over the new President, tonight at 9…”

You gotta be kidding me.

Anxiety over a political figure?

Anxiety? C’mon. Sounds like a true third world problem, certainly not one here in the US.

It’s my contention we’re breeding a nation of sissified wimps who retreat to their mother’s bosom or other “safe space” so they can be protected from what gives them anxiety…like exposure to ideas, speech or people they don’t agree with.

What should give them anxiety is their inability now and in the future to handle real life and real problems.

Building a wall on our southern border (and maybe soon, northern?), having a government that actually enforces laws previously made by the people of the nation, keeping our nation safe from crazy religious extremist nutjobs, and getting rid of bad people who’re here illegally…those are not reasons to develop or claim anxiety.

Those to me are all reasons to celebrate the greatest country in the world!

There is only 1 person that I am really good friends with that should have anxiety. And, he faces the very real threat that some crazy criminal will surprise him or get the edge on him and plug his arse with lead. Or worse, a kill shot center mass or in the head.

At the very risk of being insensitive or mean (I’m often told that I am…so I’ll go with that), this so-called snow-flake generation I hear about, see with my own eyes in our schools and now, sadly, in the workforce, are a bunch of wimps.

And to think some day these boobs are going to be world leaders or even local community leaders, tells me we have work to do.

The “adult” parents who’re enabling this coddling of our youth need to spend a day with my friend, Tim. As a state trooper for Oregon, he’s about the only guy I know of, again, personally, that has the right to be anxious.

The sissies out there who are anxious over a President, a temporary political figure, and all the hyperbole and BS news (FAKE NEWS) reports about what he’s going to do or not do, really need to put on some big boy pants and face reality.

All the talk of safe spaces, safe speech, “tolerance,” and the limiting of freedom of expression so that we “do not alarm and offend” these precious minds is a bunch of hooey. In fact, it’s more divisive than not!

My advice to these delicate flowers? Toughen up you little shits. Life ain’t easy. Be prepared to defend your goofy positions on safe spaces, safe speech, and all that other nonsense.

And, realize if you want to be heard, you must allow others to be heard as well. That includes my opinion about your ridiculous behavior and demands. It includes opinions of others who don’t agree with your political views or personal views. It includes being thankful for a 100% volunteer military that defends your ability to throw a fit and protest rather than get your hands dirty and actually accomplishing something worthy.

Protesting is not a full-time job and neither is community organizing. Get a life. Get a purpose and quit whining.