I used to think big cases from the interwebs was some geek’s B.S. promise.

If you’re smart, you’ve had that same doubting Thomas thought. Or, at least you should (Be wary taking ALL you hear and read online at face value – even what I write – ALWAYS evaluate!_

I used to think it was impossible to generate a substantial, reliable, consistent, high-dollar flow of new patients from the interwebs, until they started dropping into the dental chairs at my WellnessSpringsDentalSalem.com office.

Today, we regularly see 5 to 10 new patients every month from that thang called the Interweb.

My good friend and net Ninja/online marketing genius, Matt Prados continues to knock it out for us.

But, it’s not just me that Matt is kicking butt for…

Here’s some feedback from one of Matt’s other clients, an attendee of my 2013 Dental Office: IMPOSSIBLE event: