I was buying a bunch of Apps on Apple’s App Store last night.

Not unusual, right? I mean once you find one game you end up downloading 2 or 3 more.

Or, for me, I find an interesting productivity app and end up downloading 3 or 4 more to find out which one is best.

As I was browsing the store, looking at all the great things available for an iPad, iPhone, etc, it hit me…

My dental office uses the EXACT SAME model Apple has used to become the single largest music store in the world.

As of May 12, 2012, or so, Apple surpassed Best Buy as the largest single source for music.

And, I am sure, it’s one of if not the single largest vendor of games, productivity and convenience tools, etc.

Here’s the model: They show you what’s available in their store – you can browse, read reviews, and…

DOWNLOAD most stuff at no cost. It’s free to test drive “Lite” versions, and, the barrier of entry on prices for just about anything you could want, is incredibly low. Most games, $0.99. Most productivity apps, $0.99 to $1.99, sometimes $2.99 or $3.99. Smart sellers of apps at the Apple Store are pushing price points, as they should.

This is the model at SofTouch: We offer anyone who believes they have a problem, a FREE exam, x-rays and consultation and treatment plan with the doctors.

Essentially, we open our store, let people/consumers/prospective patients test drive our office before they commit to anything. ANYTHING.

There are some critical KEYS to making this work – to keep from being overwhelmed by the Groupon-Moms, and coupon “clippers.”

Members of my ClearPath Society see first-hand, how specific COPY in ads can change or alter the behavior of those responding. This is key to avoiding being overrun by fee shoppers. Does it eliminate all of them? No. But, enough to make offering a free test drive of your office incredibly profitable for you, and, great for patients, too.

We live by this rule: Unless there’s a rear-end in the seat, there is no treatment to diagnose. And, no treatment to diagnose means no treatment to complete and no money to keep the office open. Period. So, we’re happy to let folks know what their dental challenges are and in return, help those who wish to be helped at our office. Pretty simple model.

For info on Membership and specific ads and direct mail campaigns we’ve developed for our Members, including the record-breaking 41 new patients in one day ad, just visit ClearPathSociety.com for more info.