Some days I have a BFO (blinding flash of the obvious) that just about floors me. Today’s one of those. In fact, my ass still hurts from getting knocked over.

Many of you reading this blog (and yes, I’ve been swamped recently, leaving little time for writing online blog posts) are ClearPath Society Members. Some of

you, well, haven’t quite seen the light yet, and that’s OK. Perhaps the BFO will hit you soon, too?!

ClearPath Society Members have access to all kinds of incredible resources, among them, Free Standing Inserts (FSIs) which can be used in generating patients from local newspapers. I am a regular user of such instruments and they bring SofTouch Dental a large number of new patients every month. If you’re not using FSIs to some degree or another, then what I’m about to show you should convince you to at least give it a go.

About 3 weeks ago, I was an invited speaker at a gathering of about 50 or so the wealthiest financial planners in America. I spoke to them about something I’m adamant about: Client (in your case, Patient) Newsletters as education, retention and referral tools.

As I prepared for the presentation, I recalled a strategy I long ago taught but have, as of the last 4, 5 or 6 years, completely, and much to my embarrassment, have forgotten.

The strategy goes something like this: If it (an ad) works in one media, find as many other useful places as possible, where it may work, and test it.

Now, let me tie all this together for you: If you’re mailing a regular, monthly newsletter (and you should be, RIGHT?) to your patients to get them to refer, show up on time, embark on better, more comprehensive treatment, etc., then this will be a simple no-brainer.

This month, in our patient newsletter for SofTouch, I’m including an FSI that is available ONLY to my ClearPath Society Members, as an added insert.

This FSI in particular is used in local newspapers to generate implant cases. It works very well. In fact, since it does provide a really nice ROI each time we use it, it ought to work as an insert into our monthly newsletter.

What I’m saying here is this: If you use FSIs or any printed matter to generate “procedure-specific” new patient prospects, then WHY NOT include an FSI in your monthly newsletter on the same thing?

It’s easy. It’s a simple, effective way to re-use information you’ve already got at your fingertips.

ClearPath Members have access to an Invisalign FSI, a Denture FSI and an Implant FSI.

Those are 3 simple ways to let your monthly newsletter do the heavy-lifting and have your patients RAISE THEIR HANDS to tell you they are interested.

If you’re not mining your patient base for Gold, guess what? Some other doc just might start!

For information on Silver or Gold (multi-location/multi-doctor offices) Membership, call Melody in my office for a no-obligation information package: 503-339-6000.