Here’s a pic of a real Silver Bullet next to a JJD pen (clever placement, eh?):

a REAL Silver bullet

It sits in my desk drawer here at JJD World HQ.

I bought it 15 years ago as kind of a joke.

It’s a REAL .357 Magnum round. I could shoot it out of my .38 Special. Or, if I had a .357, I could use that, too.

If you’re concerned about the zombie apocalypse or vampires, you should get one. Coonan actually sells them here.

Most of us at one time or another have bought something we thought would be an answer to all our problems.

Thing is, ain’t no such thing.

There is NOT one answer.

There is NOT one “thing” that will cure what ails a struggling, failing, plateaued or weak practice.

And, it doesn’t matter if you’re stuck at $500k, $1MM, $2MM, or, $5MM. Heck, not even $10MM or $50MM as an organization.

(No matter how good you think you are, there are ALWAYS roadblocks and I will find them!)

Worse, what you BELIEVE will help you, like another new “coaching” or “consulting” program, is probably NOT the answer.

(More new patients probably is not even the answer.)

You see, you can only buy or attend so many programs before you’ve heard about all the advice to grow your practice you’ll ever need.

Heck, there are a couple of REALLY great books out there by some smart business guys that just accidentally masqueraded as dentists and made millions, that tell you all you need to know.

The problem isn’t that you need another answer or “thing” to do. A silver bullet. A this or that. Another weekend program. Another $120,000 or $200,000 “consulting” program. (Really. That’s your EGO talkin’ my friend! Nonetheless, that’s absolutely what the peddlers of such horse pucky would like you to believe.)

Instead, it’s the focus on the hard parts of business that few really enjoy.

  • It’s upgrading your team.
  • It’s holding people accountable for their actions and inactions.
  • It’s setting goals and achieving them.
  • It’s not allowing distractions by shiny objects.
  • It’s controlling PERSONAL and business spending.
  • It’s basically being a stern but loving parent that doesn’t put up with any BS.
  • It’s minding the store.
  • It’s not getting enamored with new equipment that costs more than opening a new practice.
  • It’s performing great dentistry at a fair price and providing great value.
  • It’s answering the phones when they ring.
  • It’s giving patients what they want, not what you want them to have.
  • It’s having a clean, efficient, well-run practice that operates as good as or better than a surgery center for a heart patient (I’ve never been in a dental practice that was as well ran as the surgery center where I had my pacemaker implanted. Why is that?)

My dear friend, there isn’t a single silver bullet. There’s a couple hundred of them!

And, you ALREADY know what they are.

Those that “get this” are wildly successful.

If you’re not as successful as you want to be it’s simply because you’re ignoring the inconvenient silver bullets you know in your heart and soul that are required to reach that next level.

I had a conversation earlier this week with a pretty savvy marketing gal for a practice in California. The practice was doing $2MM and they wanted to get to $4MM. They called me because they wanted more new patients. Turns out, in 5 minutes, I knew that was NOT what they needed. Instead, they needed the doctor to get the hell out of her own way. SHE was the problem.

This happens constantly, but few are willing to be forthright and be the messenger that’s honest, blunt, doesn’t mince words and just talks TRUTH without regard for feelings.

This is business folks.

If your feelings are hurt by the truth being exposed, YOU are very likely the weak link.

Toughen up cupcake.

Let’s blow the lid off 2020. It’s a mere few weeks away.

I’ll be back for more soon.