(Don’t Sell The Goose!)

Imagine if you had a dental practice that ran itself.

Your total involvement was just 2 to 3 hours per week.

And, during that 2 to 3 hours, you’re not cutting crowns or seeing patients.

What’s more, when you go on vacation for 2 or 3 weeks at a time, you check in via email and a phone call once a week. If there’s an issue, you have empowered your team, specifically your office manager, to handle it. And, the only real emergency is if the place burns down.

Meanwhile, the office routinely pulls in $100,000+ each month.

And, did I mention you need not see any patients? Ever.

This is exactly how my own dental office functions. There are 3 to 4 part-time dentists that staff the office 5 days each week (with a nod to Saturdays here very soon) and a team of 2 hygienists, a hygiene assistant, 3 DAs, and 2 front office staff, all supervised by an office manager.

The office is outfitted with 6 ops, a comfortable reception area with coffee and water, and, a big screen TV.

I started this office about 10 years ago. 3 chairs. 1 doctor. 1 DA. 1 front office person. No hygienist. Our first month of production was about $15,000 with a doctor that worked in the office 3-days each week. He did everything. Exams. Cleanings. Crowns. Sealants. Fillings. Dentures.

Today, knowing what I know now, I could recreate all of it in a year or less. And, have it profitable, to-boot.

If having an office that literally runs itself is appealing to you – no matter where you’re at in your career, then there’s only one place you absolutely must be come October 10th: Scottsdale, Arizona.

For the first time publicly, ever, I’m revealing exactly how I’ve built this ideal dental office – a business that runs without my direct involvement – and, how you can steal my ideas, strategies and techniques – to create this as your very own reality.

It doesn’t matter if you currently work in your office, either. It doesn’t even matter if you HAVE an office right now or not.

Because, regardless of where you’re at, I’ll spend nearly three full hours in a show-n-tell session with you, and, during this time, it’ll become crystal clear the path you can take starting the very next day, that will allow you to own and operate 1, 2 or 20 dental offices that run without you being present.

One dental office, structured properly, can throw off up to 15%, maybe even 20% of it’s annual collections in profit. That means if an office you own is collecting $1,000,000 or more per year, your take could be anywhere from $150,000 on up to $200,000 or more!

Yes…that is AFTER PAYING every dollar of overhead – staff salaries, and, doctors, too!

If your current office operates with just you as a solo GP, during my time with you, I’ll also show you how you can begin the transition from working full-time to part-time, and to zero chairside time!

You can work when you want and on whomever you want!

Many of the barriers solo GPs face are self-erected – someone or some thing has stuck a brickwall in your mind and you just can’t seem to get your arms around how to solve it. Well, if there’s one thing I excel at outside of the business of dentistry, it’s helping docs solve problems and structuring solutions to help reach their goals.

No matter what their goals are.

Recently, one of my ClearPath Society® Members was kind enough to say this, “I can see why you do well Jerry…you are a GREAT motivator and are not afraid to deal with issues that many of us avoid, ignore or are too dumb to even realize…”

And no, this doc is not dumb. He’s brilliant! His office is in a highly competitive area, he’s been in practice for a number of years, and here he is, slogging it out – working hard and as smart as he knows how – for a purpose that is larger than himself. To me, he’s a hero!

Look at it like this: Unless someone shows you there IS another way to cut a crown and all you’ve ever known since dental school is just one way, then until you SEE it with your own eyes that it can be done another way, how can you possibly believe it? Right?

What’s more, in my time with you during Dental Office: IMPOSSIBLE, I’ll also reveal my most powerful new patient attraction strategies and I’ll go through each and every one of our over 20 different ways we rely on to attract over 100 new patients each and every month. And, I’ll even show you how you can use them yourself to get the same results or better!

There are a lot of guys and gals that “talk” or write about marketing. However, I know of no other man or woman in dentistry that is responsible for putting more butts in ops than me in hundreds of different markets, using a variety of new and “old school” methods that get results. (We measure and test EVERYTHING!)

Then later during the three days, my COO at SofTouch Dental, Tom Cowan, will join me as we walk you through how to bulletproof your business relationships with associates, your team and your partners, and how to make them as profitable as possible.

I used that think that at our age, we didn’t need what I’d call “awareness training” on the pitfalls of partnerships and associateships, however, these are all submarines waiting to torpedo your ship … unless you structure them properly and with the “right” individuals.

What Tom and I reveal in this session is based on very, very expensive lessons both of us have faced, but, allowed us to come back stronger than ever … In fact, there’s not another man on this planet, save my own father, that I’d entrust my family to.

And that’s reason enough for me to trust your time with Tom and me to be one you’ll want to lock away forever and call upon what we share with you, whenever you’re faced with tough situations. And, if you’re in business for any length of time, you will be faced with tough situations.

Now, back to the title of this short article – Don’t Sell The Goose! Many of the docs I talk to are singing this tune, “I just want to build this practice up and sell it and retire.”

That’s one way to retire. Sure, you’ll be “rich” for a few months, but, unless you’ve got other income, you’ll be in a far worse position once you sell that Goose! You see, $250,000, $500,000, even a cool million dollars doesn’t last long in this day and age.

Just go through one medical complication and see what kind of dent that’ll put in your wallet. And, chances are, you’ll have a procedure at some point that will easily run you $25,000 to $100,000 or more. And, if you’ve got cash in the bank, the hospital and insurance company will soak you for every dime they can! Insurance or not!

Two of my friends that are both over 60 have hit their lifetime maximums on health insurance. Yes, they’ve BOTH had their insurance companies pay out over $1,000,000 to keep them alive. (And, thank goodness for that.)

There IS a better way: Instead of selling the Goose just one time (Goose = Your Practice) and collecting a half million or more, why not continue to harvest golden eggs and wean yourself out of the practice of dentistry and learn the skills necessary to become a businessman that OWNS an office, yet, spends little to no time working IN it?

Which would you rather have:

1.)  “Cash” in the bank of $500,000 (if you can actually get cash for your practice) with a tax bill of $100,000 waiting for you … OR …

2.)  An asset worth $500,000 or so, debt-free, that gave you purpose, and, throws off a $150k or $250k every year – whether you got out of bed or not?

The answer’s simple. Isn’t it?

Will this happen overnight? Nope. But, it can happen literally as fast as you want it to!

The skills to run profitable dental practices can be learned. And, if you’ve not learned enough at this point, there’s still time! It’s amazing what happens when you can devote time to RUNNING a practice instead of just doing dentistry. It opens up a whole new world of opportunity and … believe it or not, running a business can be FUN and hugely financially rewarding!

[In the last 10 years, I’ve sold a number of businesses. In all but one case, I’ve regretted selling the Goose. So much so that I’ve gone back and re-created two of the businesses that I’ve sold! They were just too lucrative to let go … and, once I learned the skill of being a business man vs. a worker in a business, it changed my attitude – it took me from burnout to bliss!]

You see, no matter where you are at right now, there IS a way for you to get where you want to go. You just need some guidance, counsel, and advice from others who’ve already done it.

Which is yet another reason why one of my other Faculty Members at this event is Dr. John Busby. John manages a 7 doctor, 2-location dental business. He employs a bunch of people. He no longer practices (he’s, unfortunately, had to wean himself out on purpose), but, John reaps the benefits of the profits that 7 doctors throw off from a 2-location, high-profile, well-marketed dental office in Madison, WI.

This wasn’t accidental for John. He has been positioning himself to get to this point for years. But, between what John shows you, what Tom and I share, and the 16 other highly-skilled dentists and business experts show you, you’ll have a head-start that NONE OF US had to help you get there even faster!

I want nothing more than to hear of another success story. And, I want that story to be YOURS.

But, I can’t help you unless you decide you want a path that is better, and, different than the one you’re currently on.

And, many times, DECISION is the most difficult thing. It’s scary.

Because, until you decide, you can continue to claim excuses – no matter if flimsy or “real.”

Once you DECIDE you want to change your life, then, you have to own it. And, all I can say is, now’s the time to DECIDE, and, now’s the time to OWN it and take your life back. Reignite your dreams. If not now, WHEN?

Doc, join me — go from burnout to bliss… What other valid, real choice do you have right now?

To learn more and register, go here: http://www.dentalofficeimpossible.com/register

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