I talk to a LOT of dentists all over the US, Canada and Australia. The vast majority of my clients are dentists — as has been the case for nearly 20 years.

During that time, I’ve noted a number of traits those that do the best, share.

One of those, and I believe a very important one, strange as it may sound, is how wealthy dentists buy — or, in other words, how they behave as buyers.

And, a common trait I have noted among dentists struggling for their very existence, or, those coming back after getting kicked in the teeth a bit, generally shows the exact opposite behavior successful dentists exhibit.

Dentists struggling are generally unwilling to trust. They’re unwilling to “take a chance” for fear of “getting burned.” In fact, you might even say they’ve been scared from buying. They become reluctant to believe, too. Untrusting. Disbelieving. Two very negative emotions. Two counter-productive, success-repelling behaviors, for sure.

My research and observations indicate reluctant buyers, or those who are scared to buy or scared to be sold, are of a poor mindset. Their very thinking prevents them from taking actions to reach success.

My research also shows that those who are willing buyers that love buying have a different mindset altogether and are generally wealthier, happier and more prosperous.

Having been in both positions myself — being a reluctant buyer and being a “buyer of everything I can to elevate my game,” I can tell you the first position — coming at an opportunity with reluctance and hesitation, will KEEP you poor emotionally and poor financially.

It wasn’t until I broke through and recognized the incongruent behavior and took action to change them, that I could see where my own problem lay.

Until you open your mind to “being sold” something that might just improve your life and profits, your fear will keep success at bay, you reigned in — and broke.

[Don’t mistake this for permission to spend recklessly and without regard for the impact doing so will have. I’m talking about buying into and buying of concepts as well as products/services which you can hold accountable for the improvements promised by those selling them. I don’t condone going deep into debt, either. I’m a cash-only, very limited or NO credit fiscally conservative-type.]