I’ve made no secret about it. I’m a Dan Kennedy fan.

In fact, I’ve been featured in several of his books over the years, and, most recently, in a book he co-authored with my good friend Chip Kessler.

The book’s title is, “Making Them Believe,” and it’s a rather interesting real-life tale of an early 20th century doctor, Dr. J.R. Brinkley. But, more on that in a minute…

Many have wondered how marketing legend Dan Kennedy made his millions. until now.

Finally … after all of these years … Dan has agreed to peel back the curtain and reveal one of the men whose marketing principles and money-making strategies he personally patterned his own super-successful career after.

You can check it here:


Amazingly, this fellow started in a tiny town in the middle of America, and built a marketing, cash generating juggernaut during one of the worst economic times in our nation’s history!

It was none other than Dr. J.R. Brinkley and all he started with was a scalpel and a goat … and most importantly the skill to market himself and his exploits far and wide.  One of his secrets: an
uncanny ability to elevate himself through any and all forms of media.

See what I mean here, where you can watch a quick, free video.

I mean, it’s no wonder Dan Kennedy wanted to learn more about this man!

…and discover how to use books, radio, television and much more to become (like Dan Kennedy and J.R. Brinkley did) an irresistible money making force!

Check out the video, here.