Jerry A. Jones Announces the Release of His Latest Book – ‘Profiles of Success in Dentistry: Secrets of Today’s Street-Smart Dentists’

Oregon, USA, August 2, 2016 – Jerry A. Jones, a celebrated dental industry speaker, author, dental office owner, dental office franchise operator and dental practice marketing expert with over two decades of experience is excited to announce the release of his latest and brand new book.

Entitled and dubbed as ‘Profiles of Success in Dentistry: Secrets of Today’s Street-Smart Dentists,’ this revolutionary book is an artful compilation of a number of tested and proven modalities, strategies, and techniques for everyone that is truly desirous of reaching the next level in their dental practice or dental business empire.

The book available on now in paperback or Kindle.

It has been rightly said that achieving success involves learning and standing on the shoulders of men and women who are already successful in a particular field, and deliberately committing one’s self to the hints, clues, behaviors, and knowledge gathered from them.

The field of Dentistry isn’t an exception. Dentistry today has become more about the business side than the clinical. It was this realization that lead the author, Jerry Jones, to author yet another remarkable book guaranteed to help dentists master the business side of dentistry with the intent of attaining a high-profit practice while delivering an exceptionally high level of service to its guests/patients.

After spending dozens and dozens of hours grilling some of the brightest minds on the business of dentistry and in other business niches, readers will find Mr. Jones has once again collected, distilled and added his own experiential spin on the savviest advice available in book form, anywhere.

Renowned as ‘The Business Anarchist,’ Jerry Jones said; “I am absolutely thrilled about the release of Profiles of Success in Dentistry. There’s no dentistry that’ll get done if you’re not willing to focus on being profitable and paying attention to the business side. This book is a manual that will help you reach your peak profit potential without hassles, once you commit to the wisdom embedded in it.”

Truth be told, clinical skills only constitute around 15% of what makes a dental practice truly successful. The other 85% (the business of dentistry) remains an unknown to a large number of practitioners.

Mr. Jones continued, “With the change that is taking place in dentistry, you cannot afford to ignore the business of dentistry. You’ll be eaten up and spit out not because you are a bad dentist, but because you chose to ignore the trends and fail to develop sound business skills.”

“In ‘Profiles of Success in Dentistry,’ you have the advice, and in many cases, the contact details, of a wide range of professionals who are there to help you create the future you want: a profitable future over which you have complete control. Make use of that help,” Jones concluded.

About the Author

Jerry A. Jones is the CEO of Jerry Jones Direct (JJD), an over two-decade old marketing and advertising firm whose clients include Dentists and financial Services Advisors in the US, Canada, Australia and England. He’s a widely-published author of several books and thought leader, writing opinion papers and articles for a variety of publications. More information about Jerry can is found at You can also pick up his latest books at