ClearPath Society is Changing, Again!

In business, change is the only constant (well, except getting taxed, right?!).

This month has been one of those where change has

been occurring just about daily.

New to ClearPath Society:

Gold Membership Level ($249/month). This includes the basic, Silver Level (currently $97/month), plus, additional opportunities, information and strategies to help you implement a multi-doctor or multi-location dental practice model.

Additional information about Gold will be forthcoming as it’s announced later this month or early July. If interested now, contact my office: 503-339-6000.

As of June 30th, and effective July 1, 2011, ClearPath Society Silver Membership will be increasing to $129 per month for new Members and will also include the customary $197 application and initiation fee.

For more information about The ClearPath Society, click here.

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