Beware: Merchant (Credit Card Processors) Scam!

At the dental office yesterday, the office manager fielded a call (we have the phones answered live 8-5, M-F, as should you) from a sales person claiming to represent our merchant processor.

He said he would be in, “…Thursday at 9AM to update our machine.”

Fortunately, I’ve got a little education in this realm/industry. Not much, but enough to know when I smell a rat.

Turns out, it’s a scam.

My merchant processor, BankCard USA does no such thing.

Be warned of calls/scams like these. Who know what kind of data the moron could get access to. If you get a call like this, call your merchant provider and double check. Never give anyone access other than trusted staff members, to your merchant terminal. If they guy ran a “refund” to his own card, it’d suck your account dry and fill his in a heartbeat.

If you want the lowest price (they prove it with their $300 best-rate guarantee!!), call Daniel Start, my merchant processor guy, at (800) 589-8200 ext 3403.

You can also email him. Drop me a line at jerry @ jerry jones direct . com (eliminate the spaces) and I’ll send you a free report and Daniel’s email address, on how you can save BIG $ on your merchant processing fees. BankCard USA loves dental offices and will give you their best rate!

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