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19+ Reasons Why High-Income Earners Travel To Attend LIVE Events vs. Staying @ Home

After All, Success Leaves Clues…

1. Getting your head screwed on rightMindset! Without the right mindset, you’re doomed to fail before you even start. And, unless you’re around others who are successful, you can only guess what the correct mindset really is!

2. You’ll never be the smartest one in the room. You can learn from people smarter/more experienced than you, and, you also get the added benefit of helping others – which reminds you of important foundational behaviors, skills, and systems that you may be skimping on, now! (REAL Teachers grow through teaching and being a student! After all, school’s never out for the pro!)

3. We all know that in-patient care is far more effective than out-patient care. A drug addict can’t kick the habit when he’s still on the streets; he has to get around the right influences & influencers of behavior. Attending a live event puts you in direct contact with those who can help you get your head on straight! (See #1.)

4. A HUGE boost of “I’m gonna kick some butt!” Confidence! When you get around other really successful doctors, you find out there’s not a lot of difference between the two of you (you share the same challenges; now you can share the solutions). You learn that none of these people have anything on you – they’re nothing special! Success leaves footprints to follow. You need only locate the indentations in the sand.

5. If you’re not where you want to be, what are YOU willing to DO to change? If your practice is not as you’d like, frankly, you’re either not implementing or, you’re listening to the wrong influencers, nay-sayers, advertising reps, and false marketing deities.

6. Accessibility! My team and I are working in our “craft,” daily, and we can truly say, “Do as I say because I’m doing it, to get these results.” Plus, at live events, you can generally count on Faculty members offering any additional consulting at a much higher cost (than registration/travel/time) if and when you can get on their calendar! This is a way to milk the cow and beat them at their own game….

7. 20%’ers, 5%’ers, 1%’ers and the 80%’ers. 80%’ers figure they can still figure it out on their own… How’s that working for you right now? Yes, there are short-cuts. Why not USE them and increase the speed at which you reach your goals? There’s no cash rewarded to you for style points … only for getting done what needs to be done the way it should be done!

8. The Faculty at live events lay out the footprints for you to follow and you get to nuance/customize it in the conversations/questions you can ask them in-person. (e.g. Round tables where Faculty will be available to answer your unique questions.)

9. The content/recordings will be available in different form and at much higher investment for the value you’ll receive than attending the live event. (See #11)

10. A recording can leave you with more questions than answers. This can and will stall the improvement process, which is why you’re interested to begin with, so, why not avoid that hassle altogether?

11. Some of the most valuable conversations you’ll have will be in the convention halls. If you don’t attend, you miss this opportunity!

12. At LIVE events, because this is where the real players go to learn, if you’re not there, you’ll miss connecting with folks who are making HUGE impressions in the sand.

13. So much is edited from recordings. If you’re not there, live, and in-person, you will no doubt miss what’s never recorded and miss that crucial, “off the record” point. I know Faculty that will intentionally hold things back on recordings, but gladly make the points in live sessions. You will miss this!

14. Faculty Members can make outlandish claims. To find out if their full of hot air or not, and, if they are worth being around, if you’re not at the live event, you’ll miss this opportunity to pin down speakers/faculty on their outrageous claims!

15. For many doctors, attending events live gives them a chance to connect with new friends/successful colleagues and old friends alike. Not attending sacrifices this opportunity.

16. There’s something about live events that cannot be replicated in recordings. Just as watching a game on TV isn’t the same as seeing it in person. It’s better LIVE! So, you miss the aura of an event if you stay home. The energy doesn’t transfer well to recorded media….

17. If you don’t go, it’s nearly 100% certain your team won’t, which means, when will there be another opportunity for you to have your staff trained by one of the top dental offices in the country? What’s worse than that? You might get a vision in your head from listening to the recordings, but good luck trying to get your team who stayed home, too, to buy into it. And, if they don’t, it’s dead in the water!

18. It’s so easy to get into our mundane routines and see nothing but the four walls of our offices for weeks on end. To truly grow both in business and mentally, you have to experience something different and new, regularly! You have to go out of your comfort zone to find it. And, a LIVE event is a great way to get it done! (Plus, a nice side benefit is all the growth and income increases that come from it!)

19. When I first got started in business, one of the most valuable lessons I learned early was simply: Get out of the office regularly to work ON the business instead of IN it. If you only work IN your business, it and your growth and profit potential will be limited. Giant leaps forward come from disruptive opportunities. Getting to a live event like The Jerry Jones Direct New Patient Extravaganza, is a major, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity you don’t want to let pass you by….

20. There is never a “good” time to do anything, except, right now. Fortune favors the bold and heckles the feckless. If you want it, you’ve got to go after it. Not someday. NOW!