Here’s how to get more done at the end of every day…

Let’s say you have 15 minutes until “quittin’ time.” And, your to-do list didn’t shrink as much as you’d planned for.

Here’s what I do:

I pick one thing from my to-do list that didn’t get done which I think I can get done in under 15 minutes. Sometimes I’ll even push myself and pick a 30-minute task to see if I can condense it and get it done.

(Tasks miraculously expand to the time allowed for! That’s Parkinson’s Law! ).

I hyper-focus on that one item and knock it out. Fast. Furious. 100% total focus.

I know it sounds like I’m dispensing Obvious Adams-type advice here, but unless you actually do this and try it out, you’ll never know the power of hyper-focus.

You’ll then be tempted to use this 15-mins before lunch, too!

It works.

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Internet Superstar (he held the first-ever seminar on monetizing the web for marketing purposes), Mr. Ken McCarthy had this to say:

I’m impressed by how Jerry Jones managed to condense everything important about productivity and time management into a short and sweet manual you can read in a single sitting.

Time is the stuff of your life.

There is nothing more important than getting this right and you’ll find no better guide than this one.

~ Ken McCarthy

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