10 Mistakes Dentists Make Marketing Their Practice

Dear Friend,

You’ve just made a very smart move requesting the “10 Mistakes Dentists Make Marketing Their Practice…”

Here’s why…The vast majority of dental ads are, in a single word, terrible. They lose more money than they generate.

I know for fact, a few simple tweaks to an existing ad can mean all the difference in the world. Not only do I personally experience it in my own dental office, but in dozens and dozens of others, too.

Think about this: What would it mean to you if your ads went from generating 2 new pts to 20 new patients – all from the same initial investment — just by making some strategic changes to those ads?!

It’d be Uuuuugggge, eh?! (A ten-times increase is nothing to dismiss.)

A big clue why most ads fail? For starters, most ads are designed to appeal to the wrong person: a male dentist.

Why is that a critical mistake? Something like 80+% of all dental appointments are made by women, 99.9999% of whom are NOT dentists!

Instead, they’re moms! So, the ad targets the wrong person!

What’s more, nearly every ad I’ve ever seen in any publication, online, or in the mail (direct mail), fails to answer the simple question every consumer has:

“So what? Why should I care about you, and what’s in it for me?”

Then, there’s the multiple-offer strategy most rely on. If you don’t need a new patient exam, maybe you need an $897 implant? Or, free whitening? C’mon, that’s just being lazy or you’re doing what the Val-Pak guy/gal tells you to do (Those $897 implants KILL your profitability and scar you for years, pigeonholing you as a discount provider).

Look, all dental care starts with an initial exam. So, why not offer that and remove as many barriers as possible for your new patients?

(Consider: pricing for the initial exam, hours you’re open or not open, days of the week you’re open or not, etc.)

Don’t worry. All is not lost and I’d be happy to provide some guidance…based on over 20 years of experience generating calls for offices just like yours.

You see, years ago, I wrote an extensive White Paper, or Special Report, titled, “The 10 Reasons Why Most Dental Marketing Fails.”

Recently, I re-read that paper and noted that today, it’s as valid in our crazy marketplace if not more so than ever before, as the “noise” in our profession continues to increase and price battles are waged by powerful Big Cartel Dentistry organizations and more.

Now is your chance to download that special report at no charge!

Inside, you’ll learn:

• The single biggest mistake 99% of dental ads make that literally destroys response
• Why offers are key and what offers to avoid!
• Why you must include a “deadline” and how to structure it
• Most leave out or worse, use fake ones. Go real with this and watch your return on investment go through the moon!
• A “Guarantee.” Should you offer one?
• Why you should strive to create a brand through unique ads
• Your story. Why it’s important if you want to de-link and disconnect!
• And, much more.

You can download it below, just by clicking on the image.

It’s yours free.

When you finish it, I’d love to have your feedback. Shoot me an email.


Jerry A. Jones, CEO
Wellness Springs Dental®
Email: jerry@jerryjonesdirect.com

PS. Are there just “10” mistakes? Nope; there are hundreds. But, by paying attention to and knowing these Big 10 Screw-ups to avoid, you’ll be able to increase the effectiveness of your advertising and generate more new patients for the same amount of money you’re investing now.

PS. #2 Wondering if we can help you? After you download the paper below, hop on over here to hear from dentists we’ve helped all over the world.