Ever call a place that you’ve ordered something from and they guessed it was you calling?

As in, “Is this Jerry?”

Yeah, way cool.

And, in addition, a real person actually ANSWERED first, as opposed to a machine or phone tree (I have clients that have phone trees they force their new and existing pts to use; I can tell you they LOSE business everyday and frustrate the hell out of their paying patients, too).

I’m sort of entering this conversation mid-way with you, but yet one more important point is, within 30 minutes of my placing an online order, a real person followed up with me — seems I screwed up on the order and they just wanted to verify a change was in order and that it was OK to do.

You can learn a lot from companies with exemplary customer service and how that impacts how much customers are: 1) willing to spend; ) are willing to return to spend more; and, 3) refer others.

Consider this my reco for 1-800-Contacts.

Great company. Great service. They nailed it.