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[Video] AAPDA National Meeting Preview with Ty Bennett and Jerry Jones

The AADPA’s National Meeting takes place this year in St. Petersburg, FL, March 2-4. Two of the speakers on the roster for the meeting include Mr. Ty Bennett and Mr. Jerry Jones. Each appear in the preview webinar video below, providing some “teasers” for the upcoming event. More information is available at About Ty […]

VIDEO: How to Unlock 21% Growth In Any Dental Practice

  Interested in 21% growth in 8 months? Want to know the process behind it? Watch the video above. Or, if you’d rather stream the audio, just click on the sideways triangle below!

Two Ohio Dentist New Patient Case Studies

The week before Labor Day Weekend, we had a couple of marketing campaigns drop for two dentists in Ohio. Both were referrals from a well-known consultant (you’d recognize his name instantly – He’s one heckuva Gem!) We dropped nearly identical campaigns for each, save for a few details changed. And, Doctor #1’s campaign was twice […]

[Video] Underground practice management association?

A few years back, I was introduced to what I believe is the world’s #1 practice management association. I was conducting a mastermind meeting and one of my Members approached me after and began to tell me about this amazing group he was part of which consisted of dentists and other dental industry thought leaders. […]

#1 Most Ignored Opportunity In Dentistry Today

PROBLEM: Practices lose 10% of their active patients annually. In a 1,500 active patient practice, that’s 150 gone! It requires the addition of 150 new patients annually to KEEP the practice’s status quo. SOLUTION? To add 150 new pts, at a cost of between $100 and $300 per patient, using $150 as average, the average […]

Tired of website provider BS? Want more new pts from the internet?

If you’re not getting all the new patients from the interwebs you’ve been promised by the online geeks, then it’s time to hold ’em accountable. You have two choices: 1.) Call ’em up and put ’em on notice: “Buster, you’ve got 10 days to get my phone ringing. If I don’t see an increase in […]

Who You Associate With Determines Your Success

I learned this lesson early: Surround yourself with great people who’re smarter than you and have achieved what you’re hoping to. If you hang out with folks who’re barely getting by due to poor self-esteem, unhealthy personal habits, or stinkin’ thinkin’, then you’ll find yourself held back. Dentistry is challenging in this way. There are […]

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